Release Notes 2.5

January 2018

XETICS LEAN 2.5 new features 

  • Documents can be attached via REST
  • Shift plan creation is redesigned for better usability
  • New shift type called Planned idle time
  • Order networks can be created. Parent child relation be defined between orders
  • Chain processing of orders is allowed. If a step is marked with a special flag it is possible to move that step in if the previous step is moved in.
  • Range filters of widgets are redesigned for better usability
  • Production documents can be assigned to product steps
  • Containers (folders) can be used on shop floor to store more widgets
  • Widget editor for shop floor

Android application 2.5 new features 

  • Overdelivery is possible on move
  • Good and scrapped parts are show on the order's workflow

Planning Board 2.5 new features 

  • New UI layout. The order planning view and the resource allocation view is separated.
  • New KPI widget