Release Notes 2.3

September 2017

XETICS LEAN 2.3 new features 

  • Quality and Process parameters are sortable
  • Alarms can have a default severity
  • Quality and Process parameters can be changed via REST API on process, product and production order level.
  • Production orders can be changed from ERP (API)
  • Advanced Process Control (APC)/Dynamic Routing: Scripts can be created for product step. Quality parameters can be used in it. Admin setting to enable: PRODUCTION_FLOW_SCRIPTING
  • Notes can be added via scripting
  • Additional types of response times. Admin setting to enable: SHOW_TIMECATEGORIES_ON_MOVEOUT

 Android application 2.3 new features 

  • Product step details page made clearer and more useful
  • Alarm support for default alarm severity
  • Sorted parameters are shown in the same order as on the Web
  • Quality parameters can be filled when the order is still moved in