Release Notes 2.2

July 2017

XETICS LEAN 2.2 new features 

  • New design for displaying KPIs
  • Scriptable OEE calculation (JS)
  • Traceability parameter handling is improved
  • Equipment capacity limit can be switched off
  • Automatic archiving of finished orders. Admin setting:  ORDER_KEEP_DAYS_BEFORE_ARCHIVE: How many days should the system wait before auto-archive a finished order. The setting autoArchiveOrdersCron in the is necessary.
  • Scrapped reasons handling in admin settings
  • Location of orders can be displayed on the factory map when it is assigned to a storage
  • Product which is material as well can be moved to stock on the last move out window to enable Lean Supermarket (eCanban) and full order dependency/traceability
  • Quality parameters can be recoded from the point of move in. Set ALLOW_QUALITY_PARAMETERS_WHILE_MOVED_IN to true.
  • Planning Board view improved to navigate through production orders step by step

 Android application 2.2 new features 

  • Traceability parameter handling is improved
  • Scrapped reason handling on move out
  • Sub step information is displayed on the step details page
  • Note function improved