Release Notes 2.0

December 2016

XETICS LEAN 2.0 new features

-       Improved tracking logic to support parallel execution

-       New calendar entry type for users: Vacation, illness, other

-       Occupational safety widget

-       Traceability parameters: It is possible to define traceability parameters at Process target level. Name, External ID and Smart-tag type can be given. The value can be scanned  or entered manually on the android app.

-       Customizable dashboard tabs: The Performance, Analysis and Notifications tabs of the Dashboard can be customized. Set CUSTOM_TAB_PARAMETER to “true” to enable it. In the set lean.customizableTabs=true

-       Shop floor management: A new menu where you can freely place widgets and then save your layout

-       Improved Process/Quality parameter user interface

-       Grouping of orders: Moved in production orders can be grouped and then they can be moved forward together.

-       Shift Plan management: In the new Shift Plan menu, weekly shift plan templates can be created. This templates then can be assigned to equipment or users.

-       Automatic product step: A product step can be marked as automatic. When an automatic step is next in the flow it is moved in and out when the previous step is done.

-       Cart instances: Now it is possible to create exact instances for a type of cart.

-       Cart ordering: Carts can be assigned to product steps and if this step is executed then a cart order will be sent.

-       New order states: The new order states are: Created, Ready, Processing, In production, Suspended, Finished, External, Scrapped.


Android application 2.0 new features

-       Group selection on move in and out: If an order is selected which belongs to a group it is possible to select to move the whole group or just the selected order.

-       Record traceability parameter values: For non-batch order traceability parameters can be captured on job level. It is possible by selecting the job or when the job is moved in. Pressing the icon which looks like a note. If smart tag type was selected for the parameter, it can be scanned with the built-in camera or it can be entered manually.

-       Group name, description and assigned cart is shown in jobs lists

-       Dashboard capability filter: The jobs on the dashboard can be filtered by capabilities.

-       DMC scan support: Data matrix codes can be scanned with the application. On the server, the SMARTTAG_TYPE has to be set to “DMC”.

-       Improved action dialogs with icons for better understanding