Release Notes 1.3.2

November 2016

XETICS LEAN 1.3.2 new features

-       Traceability parameters: It is possible to define traceability parameters at Process target level. Name, External ID and Smart-tag type can be given. The value can be scanned  or entered manually on the android app.

-       Extended order assignment to groups: It is possible to attach an order to a group which is at a different equipment. On the order assignment dialog check in the show all groups option to see all of the groups not just the ones at the current equipment.

-       Customizable dashboard tabs: The Performance, Analysis and Notifications tabs of the Dashboard can be customized. Set CUSTOM_TAB_PARAMETER to “true” to enable it. In the set lean.customizableTabs=true

XETICS LEAN 1.3.2 fixed issues

-       On equipment change the moved in job list is displayed

-       New production orders don't appear automatically in the equipment waiting tables

-       Cart Instances can be deleted with assigned orders


XETICS LEAN 1.3.2 know issues

-       Not possible to change a done order when delivery date is passed

-       Moving with arrow key on a list doesn't refreshes the available actions

-       The steps search of production flow is key sensitive

-       Overlapping on production orders master data tab

-       Product step connections are lost when creating a product variant

-       Active shift plan entries cannot be modified

-       Default shifts are looks editable on equipment view but they are not

-       Problem when resizing the file display widget when pdf is loaded

-       Widgets Sometimes can be placed on each-other

-       On move out the order can be assigned to a moved in order group

-       Parameters table's file upload button not visible when the uploaded files' name is long

-       Step is not visible on the order overview if there was interruption

-       User interruption tracking must have identifier for identifying a pair of started and ended events

-       Batch Orders with scrapped items are incorrectly displayed as good on ProductionOrderView

-       Order can be moved with zero quantity

-       Created product is not shown in the list


Android application 1.3.48 new features

-       Group selection on move in and out: If an order is selected which belongs to a group it is possible to select to move the whole group or just the selected order.

-       Grouped orders are shown together and highlighted on the dashboard and on the equipment’s next jobs list

-       Interruption of grouped orders: It is possible to interrupt the whole group of orders together. The same way as single orders.

-       Record traceability parameter values: For non-batch order traceability parameters, can be captured on job level. It is possible by selecting the job or when the job is moved in. Press the icon which looks like a note. If smart tag type was selected for the parameter, it can be scanned or it can be entered manually.

-       Showing the next jobs list on if there are no current jobs on dashboard or equipment’s jobs list

-       On cart assignment dialog the remove current assignment made to be default and to assign more than one cart the checkbox has to be checked

-       Assigned cart is shown in jobs lists

-       NFC tag assignment for orders must be made on group move out. Cart assignment is also possible

-       Connection settings can be changed on the login screen: Press the settings menu on the login screen to access it.


Android application 1.3.48 fixed issues

-       Missing English translation for trying to move a moved in job

-       Exception thrown if I scan a code which does not exists on the server

-       When an nfc of an order was scanned and the moveout dialog is open an accidental scan opens the dialog window again


Android application 1.3.48 known issues

-       Product step details disappears when moving to another tab and back

-       Dialog on cart to stock assignment doesn't show stock name

-       Order without jobs can be moved to a cart

-       Default station is not marked when changed and going back to stations

-       Repair can be started without selecting an alarm

-       When user is logged in and either the device is locking or app crashes the login textfields a filled with the username and password