Release Notes 1.3.1

October 2016

XETICS LEAN 1.3.1 new features


  • Reloading of updated production orders from external applications
  • Defining stock categories: materials, carts and tools can be loaded into different stocks now
  • Traceability parameters for process target: New type of parameters on the process target page.
  • Configurable volume size on equipment: On the equipment master data tab now it can be set if jobs, order or groups can be moved on the equipment.
  • Allow move in and out in non-scheduled state:  In the admin settings menu it can be set if moving is allowed on non-scheduled equipment. FREE_MOVE_IN_AND_OUT must be set to “yes” to enable it.
  • Group Equipment-List on capabilities: Equipment can be grouped by capabilities in the equipment menu.
  • Group’s attached media files are displayed on move out:  If grouped orders have attached media files, then they can be seen on move out of the group. They are displayed on the Group Media tab of the move out dialog.


XETICS LEAN 1.3.1 fixed issues


  • Dashboard diagram does not disappear on collapse
  • Closing widgets on carriages page does not free up the space


XETICS LEAN 1.3.1 know issues


  • Not possible to change a done order when delivery date is passed
  • Moving with arrow key on a list doesn't refreshes the available actions
  • Type selector disappears when selecting range parameter
  • The steps search of production flow is key sensitive
  • Overlapping on production orders master data tab
  • Product step connections are lost when creating a product variant
  • Active shift plan entries cannot be modified
  • Default shifts are looks editable on equipment view but they are not
  • Problem when resizing the file display widget when pdf is loaded
  • On equipment change the moved in job list is displayed
  • Widgets Sometimes can be placed on each-other
  • On move out the order can be assigned to a moved in order group
  • New production orders don't appear automatically in the equipment waiting tables
  • Parameters table's file upload button not visible when the uploaded files' name is long
  • Cart Instances can be deleted with assigned orders


Android application 1.3.1 new features


  • Customized action and assigning-dialogs: Move and assignment dialogs are with icons now and more user-friendly display.
  • Dashboard capability filter: The jobs on the dashboard can be filtered by capabilities.
  • DMC scan support: Data matrix codes can be scanned with the application. On the server the SMARTTAG_TYPE has to be set to “DMC”.
  • Description display in the list: The descriptions of items are shown in the list. Like order name, order description, group name.
  • Countdown of given time: The remaining time of the current step is shown as a count down on the dashboard with green numbers. If the time is up, it switches to a count up with red numbers.


Android application 1.3.1 fixed issues


  • Image viewer is not working / only working sometimes
  • Status is not displayed with the right color on the dashboard
  • Scrapped jobs are displayed in the station's next job list
  • It is possible to work on archived orders
  • Clock in the Dashboard View of a moved in job counts not correct


Android application 1.3.1 known issues


  • Missing English translation for trying to move a moved in job
  • Exception thrown if I scan a code which does not exists on the server
  • When a NFC of an order was scanned and the moveout dialog is open an accidental scan opens the dialog window again
  • Product step details disappears when moving to another tab and back
  • Dialog on cart to stock assignment doesn't show stock name
  • Order without jobs can be moved to a cart
  • Default station is not marked when changed and going back to stations