Release Notes 1.2.49

September 2016

XETICS LEAN 1.2.49 new features

-       Shop floor management: A new menu where you can freely place widgets and then save your individual layout. Currently there are 3 widgets
- Production order plan time deviations
- Production order reliability statistics
- File display widget. You can display a pdf, jpg, png, bmp, gif, xls, svg and txt file. Under IE 11 an add-on is needed for pdf.

-       Grouping of orders: Moved in production orders can be grouped now and then they can be moved in and out together.

-       Suspending orders: Orders can be suspended now. Nobody can work with them as long as they are suspended.

-       Shift Plan management: In the new Shift Plan menu weekly shift plan templates can be created. This templates then can be assigned to equipment or users.

-       Automatic product step: A product step can be marked as automatic. When an automatic step is next in the flow it is moved in and out when the previous step is moved in and out.

-       Edrawing files can be opened

-       Cart instances: Now it is possible to create exact instances for a type of cart.

-       Cart ordering: Carts can be assigned to product steps and if this step is executed then a cart order will be sent to the logistics module.

-       Cart order state display on the Equipment page

-       New order states: The new order states are: Created, Ready, Processing, In production, Suspended, Finished, External, Scrapped.

-       Order states are displayed in the Dashboard worklist

-       Single Sign On support: LDAP users can be used for signing in to XETICS LEAN.


XETICS LEAN 1.2.49 fixed issues

-       2nd User can confirm produced parts by using the app but these will not be registered

-       Sometime the ramp up cannot be finished

-       Unnecessary pop ups are displayed when moving out batch orders with quality parameters

-       Steps number displayed incorrectly for moved in jobs

-       Order can be moved in with material consumption when the stock is at 0

-       Overlapping text on the products' statistics page

-       Materials can exist with the same name

-       The page title is not updated for materials and admin menu

-       Order can be moved in without the required tool

-       Tool tip of the process target remains when the process target is deleted

-       Too many scrollbars on Dashboard's performance tab

-       Move in button stays active when no order is left

-       Display problem at equipment's last step column


XETICS LEAN 1.2.49 know issues

-       Dashboard diagram does not disappear on collapse

-       Not possible to change a done order when delivery date is passed

-       Moving with arrow key on a list doesn't refreshes the available actions

-       Type selector disappears when selecting range parameter

-       The steps search of production flow is key sensitive

-       Overlapping on production orders master data tab

-       Closing widgets on carriages page does not free up the space

-       Product step connections are lost when creating a product variant

-       Active shift plan entries cannot be modified

-       Default shifts are looks editable on equipment view but they are not

-       Problem when resizing the file display widget when pdf is loaded

-       On equipment change the moved in job list is displayed

-       Widgets Sometimes can be placed on each-other

-       On move out the order can be assigned to a moved in order group


Android application 1.2.49 new features

-       More carts can be assigned to an order

-       Cart instances are supported

-       Group name of batch orders are displayed

-       Displaying the stock name on assignment of carts to stocks

Android application 1.2.49 fixed issues

-       Interrupt functionality does not work

-       PDF documents are occasionally not opened on move in

Android application 1.2.49 known issues

-       Image viewer is not working / only working sometimes

-       Missing English translation for trying to move a moved in job

-       Statuses are not displayed with the right color on the dashboard

-       Scrapped jobs are displayed in the station's next job list

-       It is possible to work on archived orders

-       Clock in the Dashboard View of a moved in job counts not correct