The app was designed so that you can start almost immediately to the capture process data with little effort and without any connection to existing IT systems. Thus, XETICS LEAN Easy enables the digital value stream recording of your production processes. Without the connection of machines or control software, you can record order production times via app. As a result, you receive processing times of your orders in individual processing steps and idle times in between. The collected data enables you to get a real-time overview as the basis of decisions and for future optimizations.

You obtain an every day overview of the productivity of all individual stations. Therefore you are able to quickly analyze the productivity of the production over time and detect improvement potential immediately.

How it works

  • Download the app (available for Smartphone or tablet) from the corresponding store
  • Request an instance from XETICS to collect your data
  • Link the app to your instance
  • Create relevant production stations in your web browser
  • Production orders are recorded via the app (manually or by code scan)
  • Orders are collected through the app throughout the process at each station, beginning and end of processing (integrated scanning facilitates identification of production orders via existing QR / DMC / barcodes)
  • The integrated search function quickly finds each station and the status of a job
  • The Web UI (Internet browser) provides a quick overview of all existing data (in real time)
  • The Excel export allows further analysis of the recorded data


  • The full overview of all production orders within production in real time
  • Recording of actual times (entire process run) for comparison with the planned target times
  • Identification of lay times and bottlenecks
  • Value creation versus waste per day at a glance
  • Presentation of started and completed orders per day
  • Database for well-founded LEAN actions

Production Monitoring
by Clear Grafics

Result checking through KPI dashboard
reporting in real-time

Stations and productions orders
summarized in list view.

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