Your Real Time Data

at a Glance

XETICS LEAN presents continuously all production data, key performance indicators and all relevant information.

  • Present production output,
  • Products on stock,
  • Availablitity and use status of all work stations and machines,
  • Instant quality data of all processes.

Infrastructure Characteristics.

Xetics Lean provides quick deployment at low risk and minimal costs, and is especially taylored for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Tracking and Tracing

of production data

XETICS LEAN  provides a complete recording of production process data, increases the transparency of operational processes and reduces the error rate and costs.

The PULL principle:

Quick, Transparent, and Cost efficient.

For installation, the processes, stations, machines, products (including variations) will be defined or transferred from existing IT systems and integrated into the XETICS LEAN Software.

Orders and lots will be controlled and tracked by using mobile terminals assigned to the relevant positions in the line of production. The software provides production control (e-Kanban), reading of parameter data, product-specific machine programs and/or recipes.


Quality in Focus.

The mobile terminals will record operation, machine and quality data. The presentation of these data as a whole povides a complete overview of the last and present status of production performance. Context related data (including default) can easiliy be identified at their exact position and time of occurence.

Analysis of indicators

especially OEE

For continuous computation and evaluation of key performance indicators (KPIs), as OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), can be computed and presented instantly . Work shift plans per station and personell can be integrated. Time needed for equipment and setup changes as well as planned and unplanned production stopps can be recorded. In the background, the latest informations can be shown such as availability, utilisatiion efficiency, and throughput.

The dashboard always provides instant access to all data, which also can be displayed via mobile devices as eg. android or iPhone.

Complete Survey

of the Integrated Warehouse

Procurement and use of materials are core processes, which will be integrated in the production process. This guarantees that all data and figures are instantly available enabling you to react easily to demand fluctuations.
The Material-Module allows you to use just-in-time concepts. Depending on the degree of automation intellegent boxes with stocktaking function also can be integrated.

Value stream analysis

determines integration of stations

The value generation of production stations is decisive for XETICS LEAN operation. All important steps, from preparatory office work up to product dispatching can be included in the program. Different processes can be added to a station as different capabilities.

Modern web based Surface

Fast deployed

XETICS LEAN works with cloud based servers (SaaS) and gives you a flexible start and a quick familiarisation to its operation. Due to modern user guidance by communication of the web browser with mobile devices gives you the first positive results in a few days.
Common Business Software (SAP, Excell, etc.) can be supplied with the data acquired by XETICS LEAN and integrated in the data acquisition.

Your data will be encrypted; the IT will always use the latest state of the art; backups are continuously generated.