Release Notes 1.2.48

August 2016

XETICS LEAN 1.2.48 know issues

-          2nd User can confirm produced parts by using the app but these will not be registrated

-          Unnecessary pop ups are displayed when moving out batch orders with quality parameters

-          Steps number displayed incorrectly for moved in jobs

-          Order can be moved in with material consumption when the stock is at 0

-          Overlapping text on the products' statistics page

-          Materials can exist with the same name

-          Cannot create jobs for the order if ramp up is required

-          The page title is not updated for materials and admin menu

-          Order can be moved in without the required tool

-          Dashboard diagram does not disappear on collapse

-          Tool tip of the process target remains when the process target is deleted

-          Too many scrollbars on Dashboard's performance tab

-          Not possible to change a done order when delivery date is passed

-          Move in button stays active when no order is left

-          Moving with arrow key on a list doesn't refreshes the available actions

-          Type selector disappears when selecting range parameter

-          The steps search of production flow is key sensitive

-          Overlapping on production orders master data tab

-          Display problem at equipment's last step column


Android application 1.2.48 known issues

-          Interrupt functionality does not work

-          PDF documents are not opened on move in

-          Image viewer is not working / only working sometimes

Features added

-          User interruption with configurable interruption reasons

-          Shift Plan definition in own view and assignment to users and equipments

-          Spain language added

-          Maintenance calendar entries which makes the equipment unavailable

-          Planned finish date can be changed on production orders and product steps