XETICS Covid-19-Program

Come out of the crisis strengthened and ready to deliver - We help you with digital Smart Factory solutions

Quickly out of the crisis: Setting the sails with XETICS

Those who emerge from the crisis in a position to deliver will sail away from the competition.

XETICS supports you with a unique aid package: The XETICS LEAN Apps as digital helpers get your production up and running faster. This way you can become a winner of the crisis.

Currently: There is a lull, prepare ship and crew for the storm

At present, production in many plants is either cut back or at a standstill. Supply chains are empty or broken. A large number of workers are on short-time work, quarantine or childcare. Those who work keep their distance - this slows down processes and thus the output.

Outlook: The wind is coming up - set the sails

While the wave of orders rolls in, production is gradually ramped up again:
• Cancellations are decreasing and with many orders the pressure of demand is increasing - lost time has to be made up
• The supply chain must be replenished to meet production needs and safety stocks
• How will you cover a rapidly growing demand without full resources?

The offer: Full speed ahead

Together with our partners we help you to make your production as efficient as possible.

Use XETICS LEAN 2020 free of charge*:

• XETICS LEAN Easy for an status assessment

• XETICS LEAN Efficient as Smart Factory solution

• XETICS LEAN Excellent as MES solution

Your advantages:

• The XETICS software solutions are fully operational within a few hours
• You pay nothing for the use of the software in 2020*

*The Easy App is free of charge until 31.12.2020 and can be cancelled monthly after that. You can use XETICS LEAN Efficient or Excellent as SaaS free of charge in 2020 if you order up to 30.09.2020. The offer is only valid for new customers who have not yet used XETICS LEAN.

Come out of the crisis strengthened and ready to deliver:
We help you with digital Smart Factory solutions - until 31.12.2020 for 0 €

• Software ready for use within a few hours

• For the ACTUAL recording, as a Smart Factory solution or MES

• Delivery capability makes you winner of the crisis 


What is to be done?

  • Register using the link below
  • Download the app to the smartphones or tablets
  • Create users
  • Create your workstations
  • Start the recording of manufacturing orders
  • Use the data for optimization activities
    (Our partners can provide support here if required)

Increase your efficiency and delivery capability

  • No software costs in 2020
  • Operative within hours
  • Overview of all current production orders in real time
  • Identification of waiting times and bottlenecks
  • Added value versus waste per day at a glance
  • Display of started and completed orders per day
  • Data basis for substantiated efficiency measurements

Production monitoring on the basis of clear graphics

Performance measurement
via a real-time KPI dashboard

Stations and orders summarized in clear tables

XETICS Covid-19-Program

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