The quick, lean MES from XETICS


The quick, lean MES from XETICS

XETICS LEAN is the Industry 4.0 MES and an investment in your future. Our apps bring quick, favorably priced benefits at low risk and are therefore ideally suited as well for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

reduce your production costs

Increase the quality of your production and respond quickly to unplanned production changes.

Increase your production capacity

Plan and control your production in real time and identify available capacity immediately.

Improve your delivery reliability

Reduce lay time and optimize production processes.

XETICS LEAN brings seamless transparency into your production process.

On your shop floor, order and machine-related data is gathered and analyzed comprehensively along the entirety of your process chain. Our apps give you current, real-time, value-stream-oriented data at all times.

XETICS LEAN enables high production flexibility.

Our services master the complexity of the factory-hall processes and are therefore the solution for complex order areas with e.g. varying orders and small lot sizes. You can use planning simulations to run through production sequences and optimize them.

XETICS LEAN provides you with the basis for the optimizing of your lean processes.

Innovative, intelligent and lean solutions enable the value-stream-oriented planning, controlling and optimizing of your production in real time. You can substantially reduce waste in the form of inventories, the production of rejects, machine idle states and other non-value-adding factors.

XETICS LEAN simplifies the interaction of all the actors in the factory,

from production management to the worker level. Our apps work on the interface between operator and machine.

XETICS LEAN is very user-friendly and intuitively operable.

The production processes can be controlled and monitored with mobile end-devices and smart tags.

XETICS LEAN has a web-based architecture and can be used from the cloud if desired.

A local software installation is therefore not necessary. Your data is encrypted, and the IT infrastructure is always state-of-the-art, backups are created continually, and all the data is saved with a view to complete production process traceability.

Why XETICS LEAN Cloud Suite?

The XETICS LEAN Cloud Suite enables live control of production processes.

Production manager, production planner or lean manager.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Clearly arranged order information in real time
  • Live machine control and prioritization
  • Extensive simulation options for production optimization
  • Efficient detailed planning of orders in production
  • User-friendly app control of the workers


How does the XETICS LEAN Cloud Suite work?

Real-time detailed planning of the pending orders in the factory?

With XETICS LEAN you can do this easily, very quickly and with great transparency. Using the electronic planning board, you can plan your manufacturing orders taking into account your available capacity and current malfunctions. After the simulation of different planning scenarios, the desired production plan along with its processing sequence are sent to the shop floor at the press of a button.

Efficient real-time fine-planning with a clearer view and user-friendly presentation of production figures.

  • Planning transfer to the Shopfloor by one click.

  • Planning KPIs.

  • Clear Gantt-overview of planned process steps on stations.

  • Planned production orders with expected completion time and delay.

The greatest possible flexibility

The prioritizing of orders or replanning due to unplanned production orders can also be easily implemented. You can simulate possible solutions, choose the best one, and change the production sequence with the easiest of manual drag-and-drop modifications. The knowledge of workers and planners can be taken into consideration without any problems. You also get a quick overview of the effects of the production sequence change, like adherence to schedule etc.

Forward and backward planning

The planning algorithms allow for both forward and backward planning with a throughput-time optimization option. This supports your production according to the Pull-Principle. XETICS LEAN gives you a Gantt chart and a detailed execution plan on the work-station level. Of course, it is also possible to link it to ERP systems.


Digitalized shop-floor management. Control and monitoring.

XETICS LEAN enables you to control your production processes with a web browser and using mobile end-devices. The current processing status is shown on the planning board. Changes and malfunctions in the factory are reflected in real time and the plan can be adapted to suit the current shop-floor situation. Machines can be activated directly as well if need be.

XETICS LEAN is always recording and summarizing all relevant production data, like the current degree of KPI fulfillment, into individually adjustable key figures and presents the findings of your production in a clear and all-encompassing way. PDA, MDA and important quality data are all displayed in a comprehensive information infrastructure.

Continuous live information from the production process and direct control options.

  • Monitoring and Controlling by production management.

  • Machine connection and control.

  • Modelling the complete process flow.

  • Simple data collection and production order confirmation directly at the working place.

  • Live monitoring and control by mobile device.

Interactive worker guidance

XETICS LEAN gives the workers an overview of the pending orders or changes in the production sequence including relevant information, sent directly to them at their work stations. Our apps also provide support in the form of digital work instructions, quality data, malfunction records, the locating of transport carts etc.

Our services also make production processes easier, through e.g. process parameters or retrieval of NC programs. The workers can see quality parameters like images or temperature values for each order and as such can do checks themselves. The cumbersome printing, sorting and handling of a large number of order papers can be eliminated.

Integration of worker know-how

XETICS LEAN can also record workers' notes for downstream processes. This makes the workers' knowledge usable, simplifying shift handovers.

Urgent planner and worker knowledge can be quickly integrated into the production sequence.

When the worker has finished his order, he can use XETICS LEAN to report back to the ERP.


Big data for growing success

The feedback of an order from the shop floor contains entries regarding the share of good parts and rejects. What's more, XETICS LEAN saves and documents all of the other relevant data of a manufacturing order, such as the start and end of production, work stations, quality parameters, nominal and actual times, etc. Our services generate the data basis for data analysis and provide total transparency of traceability.

Comprehensive analysis during and after production with freely configurable management board.

  • Most important KPIs in one overview.

  • Actual overall status of the Shopfloor.

  • Clear menu overview.

  • All production order states in real time.

  • Operational Timeline of all stations.


Analysis on a broader base

The visually optimized overview of data going from operating and machine data right to quality data provides a comprehensive and contextualized overview. Weak points and improvement potential can be identified fast and more easily, throughput times and stationary times can be further reduced and PDCAs can be considered and procedures can be optimized. This makes XETICS LEAN the key for substantial efficiency increases.


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Our team of experts will help you with the initial setup, either in your own IT infrastructure or via a secure cloud solution.

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